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Mashrabyia | مشربیة

The Mashrabiya screen is a spiritual, decorative, and functional architectural element that merges the form and function of the Islamic window screen. It is most distinctive in the historical Jeddah houses, also common in many other Islamic cities in the Middle East. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and social component, the element was used for the purpose of controlling natural ventilation, light and also in creating privacy.

My perception of Masharabiya screens doesn't only lay on its function yet, I see it as a window through the traditions and values that the past generation of families has followed. The work present designs and patterns that I have created by using letters and strokes from my own typeface. Inspired by the bases of Mashrabiya common patterns including Kanaysi and Maymoni.

6 patterns were designed to symbolize the following family values; Compassion, trust, unity,Integrity,loyalty and Equality.

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